10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!


10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!

6. Take his number, tell him they'll call him, but never do. Do you know how many women give this corny line? Ladies, the principle of cause and effect governs all, and I cannot stress enough that your words can and will be held against you. They vibrate like radio waves and will come back to bite you through some other man that you are attracted to. Then it’s your turn to receive some of what you unconsciously put out into the universe. The best way to avoid stepping in your own boo-boo is to be different than all the rest, honor what you do and say and do your best to keep your promises. (The Evolution Of The Player. How Does A Regular Man Become A Player On The Dating Scene?) Here’s the scenario: You have given this corny line out so much that when you do meet the MOYD, it is he that will not call you back, and then you blame all the men on planet Earth for this one’s mistakes.

7. Go to the club obviously dressed to get attention, then say they have a boyfriend. But he is nowhere to be found. Then we see them a few minutes later conversing with the next man as if they are single. Huh? Once again, the natural laws of attraction are at work. You are purposely attracting men to you, but why, if you have a man? Would your man like that, or are you just using it to get rid of us? If so, it has a two-edged negative effect. If you really don’t have a man, you are constantly lying to men. Honesty is always the best policy. And if you really do have a man, you should not be at the club attracting all of the wrong attention as if you were single. If your imaginary man were to find out, you might as well stay at the club, because you will soon be single for real.

8. Give the potential MOYD their number but never return his calls or texts. Okay, this is what happens in a man’s mind. We start to overcompensate and look at women as a numbers game.  We try to get as many numbers as possible, because just like the airlines, we must overbook, knowing there will be some no-shows, cancellations or duds in the group. To the observing woman it may look as if this man is the proverbial player, but in actuality, he already understands through experience the nature of meeting new women. Nine times out of 10, it's the woman who is approached by the man and therefore has the power to dictate her desired outcome. (Women have the Power to Help Men Become Better) Once again, when you are not getting the result you want, think back to how many times you have given a man your number and never returned his call or, for that matter, never intended to.

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