5 Ways Your Relationship Is Ruining Your Sleep


5 Ways Your Relationship Can Ruin Your Sleep
A new study says yoga, sex and hot showers can help you sleep longer.

4. Different schedules. "I'm a total lark and my fiancé, is, well, not, so I wake up early to make breakfast and greet the day," says YourTango blogger Mona Lisa Macalino. "It works out well!" She also suggests the following: "If your guy comes home when you're already sleeping (or vice versa), have him change in another room so he won't wake you. Nothing sucks more than trying to fall asleep for the second time in one night!"

5. Hogging the covers. Your partner — presumably in his sleep — wraps the entire blanket around himself, so that you wake up cold (and angry). You try to wrestle at least a tiny bit of the blanket away, but of course he's asleep and you don't want to wake him. Sound familiar? Mona Lisa suggests: "Have your own blankets, especially if one of you tends to roll around. It's no fun waking up in the middle of the night cold and blanket-less." You can have one big blanket for cuddle time and two smaller ones, to keep both of you happy.

Do you experience problems when sleeping with your partner? How do you deal?

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