Ms. Halle Berry Pregnant Again And No Ring!


Halle Berry

Okay, so who’s the new dude? The last man of her dreams tried to get alimony. First of all, what type of man tries to get alimony from a woman? The alimony was Halle Berry. Wasn’t she enough of treat? And he had a beautiful baby by her. Hmmm, okay. So once again, bad choice for Ms. Berry, but we are not mad that she chose a man with apparently very few financial resources. Actually, we applaud Ms. Berry for putting money to the side and choosing love. This is very honorable and certainly a step in the right direction. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and that’s okay.

But let’s take a quick look at Halle Berry’s past dating experiences. Wesley Snipes, unfortunately, hit the most beautiful girl in the world upside the head. Huh? I wonder what that was truly about. We certainly do not condone Wesley’s actions, but we do wonder, when you dig a little deeper, what Halle could have said or done to cause such anger. It’s the principle of cause and effect.


Moving onto David Justice, she chose one of the most successful baseball players of his era and could not stay married to him for more than five years. He divorced her. What would make a man divorce one of the most beautiful and successful actresses of all time? If asked, what would Dave say could have made Halle a better wife?

Moving on to Eric Benet. Halle, along with the media, claimed Eric had a sex addiction, yet, like Dave, he was married to the one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world. The question I have for Eric is, also, what would have made Halle a better wife? (Understanding The Big 9 Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women)

The pattern is of a smear campaign against her exes. The coverage seems to be all in Halle’s favor, with her of course being the victim and the others being at fault. But Halle came home drunk one night from a club and did a hit and run. Who does that? Being perfect or thinking one is perfect is a major problem in the success of any relationship. What we honestly need to hear from Halle is, what have you learned and what do you think you need to work on to make you a better companion, married or unmarried? And when Ms. Berry truly answers that question and takes it to heart and works on her inner self, she will have more success in her relationships with the man of her dreams. So ladies, if you never see that you are as much at fault for the failure of a past relationship as your man, you are not truly open to improvement and will thus continue to suffer and repeat the same mistakes with every man. At this point, it does not matter what Halle Berry’s new baby daddy’s name is. Sorry dude, no pub here. What matters is that even if he were a relationship guru, the best he could do to make the relationship a success is taking responsibility for his 50 percent. Just as it takes two to make a child, it takes two responsible, willing and forgiving souls to make a relationship a success, no matter who you are, rich or poor, famous or not.

Ms. Berry, we love you , and congrats on your new baby, children are certainly a blessing.

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