The Liberation of Letting Go with Love


The Liberation of Letting Go with Love
The moment I no longer saw him as special I was exhilarated

For the past several months I have been a fan of the New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein. This past Valentine's Day I delved right into her MediDating meditations and her book "Spirit Junkie". What most stood out to be was her wisdom on "special relationships" and the perils of making someone special. In romantic relationships and our romantic crushes it is inevitable how special a person occurs in our eyes. Sure it feels great to have the butterflies in your heart but it's like a sugar rush followed by a sudden energy drain. The only remedy is to de-special that person. Why? Bernstein writes that we are all special and thus, equal.

Did I put Captain America on a pedestal? Maybe. Love at first sight it may have been but only if love is defined as a temporary break with reality even if you are highly functional in all other areas of life. He, at one point, seemed like the only man who was handsome, intelligent, interesting, deep, and possessed of a "je ne sais quoi". In other words, he was like an object of affection functioning like an idol. My heart was aware that worshiping an object of romantic affection was venturing into dangerous territory. Yet, at times it felt like he was special, and it was disappointing that my feelings were not reciprocated. I wanted to be free of the attachment to wishing he felt the same. As the Buddha taught, suffering is rooted in attachment.


Ironically the very thing that fed my heart ripping attachment was being a consumer of Kathryn Alice's soulmate attraction method. Alice and her promises of being the fastest method to route to connecting true loves with one another. It was during Alice's supposed "Date for Your Soulmate" teleseminar that this "special" man showed on complements of

My mind was so focused on Alice's claims and promises of people finding their soulmate within three days of reading her book that it was warped into a false illusion. Alice said I need not be so patient for love. Her advice was fuel to a fire that left me feeling burned. Only by finding Bernstein through serendipity did I really shift to a loving genuine mindset free from attachment.

So, the remedy was to love the reality I did have. A reality that meant I was single and free to attract someone else who felt the same. So I meditated to Bernstein's guided visualizations, cut the chords per se, and gradually he went back to being a member of the human race. Once I could no longer conjure up any feelings of crushing on him, I felt better. Love lorn transformed into exhilaration and liberation. Finally, I could date again and be totally present to the person who was in front of me. Even if there was no romantic spark and least I met a new person and possible made a new friend.

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