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Earlier this year, we teamed up with Ford for the 2nd Annual "Love on the Road" survey and 1st Annual "Love on the Road" contest. We asked you to divulge your funniest moments shared with someone special while embarking on the open road … and share you did! We received more than 320 stories from readers telling us about the funniest, most embarrassing, and even most heartfelt moments experienced on the road.

Our editors teamed up with Ford to narrow the list down to the eight most fantastic excerpts. Now we're turning it over to you! We need your vote for the funniest "Love on the Road" story. Simply choose the story you like best from below & hit "Vote." We will close the polls on Friday, May 10, 2013, so now is the time to tell us your preference!

The readers who contributed the five stories that collect the most votes will each receive $100 gift cards.

I still laugh at leaving my husband in the gas station restroom and driving off. Don't know how we didn't know he wasn't in the car! Had to back track to get him and he wasn't very happy about it.
My romantic husband of 30 +years and I love our times together in the car, and the music we listen to is a big part of the experience. We sing at the top of our lungs and sometimes even pull over and dance. Once, one of our Motown favorites was on the radio. We hopped out of the car a few blocks away from our house to dance to the music. Our daughter's soon-to-be- boyfriend was driving by. He texted a picture to her: Look at this old crazy couple! This picture is one of our favorites.
My husband and I went on a road trip from Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas. We decided last minute to drive back through California, rather than Nevada. We stopped in a western themed small town. To this day we don't remember the name or the town, hotel or restaurant that we ate at but we remember the nostalgia. We were expecting Laura Ingalls to show up at any minute. That impromptu decision made that one of our best trips. That’s when we decided to be more spontaneous in general and let life take us where it leads us.
We were talking one time and I was telling him a story, we were near a turn off and I was going to tell him where to turn at, I was at the point in the story where I was telling him "and she walked in the room and—turn here." He nodded and waited, I said "no turn now" he nodded, " no really you have to turn." He then realized what I was saying; he thought it was part of the story. Ever since we laugh about saying "turn here."
Driving through Colorado, we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, on a snowy mountain road, with no cell phone service. We then discovered that our spare tire was flat. It was literally one of those moments where nothing was going right, but instead of being terrified we chose to bundle up and take a scenic hike together. Instead of freaking out, we enjoyed the walk and in a few miles came across a pay phone to call AAA roadside assistance. It just proved the power of partnership in the worst of times!
Picture it: 2.5 hr. drive, 250 miles, left the house in slippers, no shoes packed. Lover driving, I realize and tell him, we laugh until we cry, turn around 25 miles and meet mom for my shoes. Next day, leaving destination, lover leaves in house shoes, leaves shoes at hotel, turn around 50 miles to get them, laugh until we cry. So much alike it's awful at times. Trip checklist initiated, still forget things years later.
On a road trip last summer, we stopped at a rest area to use the restroom. After I was done, I was walking back to the car when I watched my husband, checking email on his iPhone, walk to a car similar to ours and attempt to open the door. Inside there was an older woman with a look of panic on her face. She immediately locked her car and reached for her cell phone. My husband finally realized he was at the wrong car, apologized & ran to our car.
In Costa Rica, we were heading back to the airport and decided to spend our foreign money but later approached an unexpected toll. Because we had no money to pay they made us back up on this huge highway. We pulled over to the side of the road and agreed it’s either ask someone for the money or miss our flight. So my husband is running up to cars yelling “stop stop, I’m an American” and I’m yelling “baby be careful don’t get hit”. This is so our love life … very adventurous!

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