A Summer of Love


A Summer of Love
Relationship expert Melanie Mar gives us advice on finding summer love.

With your new body and new clothes, it’s now time to get a new haircut and/or color – nothing has a greater ability to make you feel more vibrant! Start tearing out photographs of celebrity hairstyles that you like. There are websites, like InStyle, where you can upload a picture of your face and see what the styles will look like on you. It’s a terrific way to try before you buy. Then, pop into your local department store and get a free makeover from one of the beauty vendors. They will teach you how to apply your makeup and show you all of the latest colors and tricks.

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And finally, the most important thing you need when getting ready for new love is what I call a “clear head, clear heart.” If you have any residual emotional issues from a previous relationship, you cannot possibly expect to present yourself to others with the openness needed to be viewed as available and seriously wanting to date. Make a conscious effort to move forward. Leave the past behind and look to the future with fresh eyes. There’s a summer romance waiting for you. Put your best foot forward and go get it!

For more information about Melanie Mar, click here. Melanie is a relationship and life coach, as well as co-owner of the Millionaire’s Club International Matchmaking Agency for the U.K. and Europe. She is certified by the WANT Institute in Androgynous Semantic Realignment and a Transaction Analysis practitioner certified by the United States America Transaction Analysis Association. You can also visit her Facebook page or www.melaniemar.com. 


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