The Evolution Of The Player.


The Evolution Of The Player.
How does a regular man become a player on the dating scene?

3 Do not overbook or double-book your schedule, like many airlines do.

4 Be straightforward and upfront, letting your “yes” be a “yes” and your “no,” “no.”


5 Do not break plans at the last minute simply because you got what you consider to be a better offer.

6 Have a solid set of principles you stick to no matter what, or else you will be all over the place and miss the opportunity with the Man of your Dreams. Remember, just when you broke your date was the same day he met Suzy Q at the grocery store. Now he has two options when before he was only focused on you.

7 Always be respectful and considerate of his time.

8 Always consider treating him the way you would like to be treated. Be that example you desire.

9 Realize you have an equal amount of responsibility in creating the player in men.

Always remember that each disappointment he receives tears at his foundation and you are thus helping the regular man become the player. How? Because he is tired of being lied to, hurt, rejected and stood up by your compadres, and he realizes that were he to wait on that one woman, he would be quite a lonely man. The only way to protect himself is to go fishing. Believe it or not, somewhere in our masculine structure, we have feelings, too.

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