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Exclusive! Lauren Bush Lauren Talks Her Famous Husband & Family


Lauren Bush Lauren
As a nod to their roots, Lauren and David's wedding was "black tie with a Western twist."
Plus, the FEED co-founder updates us on her mission to end hunger. (The line is coming to Target!)

YourTango: Do you have any other professional news that you want to share? 

Lauren Bush Lauren: The other thing—coming out this summer—is a collection with Target that we just announced.  That's going to be the next big thing on the horizon, which is really exciting. That comes out June 30.

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YourTangoTell us about it!

Lauren Bush Lauren: It's beyond bags, so it's clothes, home. It's really pretty wide. It's the biggest FEED collection I've ever designed, and it's all very Americana, but kind of with a modern twist; good for summer, back to school. It's really fun.

YourTango: What are the price points?

Lauren Bush Lauren: We did a bike, so that's the highest price point. I think it's $395.  But most items are under $25. It's really accessible, and each one gives meals most importantly.

YourTango: What's the best part of being married to David?

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Lauren Bush Lauren: It's just fun to be with your life partner. It's great. I'm very blessed.



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