Exclusive! Lauren Bush Lauren Talks Her Famous Husband & Family


Plus, the FEED co-founder updates us on her mission to end hunger. (The line is coming to Target!)

YourTango: Do you have any other professional news that you want to share? 

Lauren Bush Lauren: The other thing—coming out this summer—is a collection with Target that we just announced.  That's going to be the next big thing on the horizon, which is really exciting. That comes out June 30.

YourTangoTell us about it!

Lauren Bush Lauren: It's beyond bags, so it's clothes, home. It's really pretty wide. It's the biggest FEED collection I've ever designed, and it's all very Americana, but kind of with a modern twist; good for summer, back to school. It's really fun.

YourTango: What are the price points?

Lauren Bush Lauren: We did a bike, so that's the highest price point. I think it's $395.  But most items are under $25. It's really accessible, and each one gives meals most importantly.

YourTango: What's the best part of being married to David?

Lauren Bush Lauren: It's just fun to be with your life partner. It's great. I'm very blessed.




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