'SNL's' Molly Shannon Talks Family, Mother's Day & Jimmy Fallon


Molly Shannon
Exclusive! Molly Shannon gives us a peek inside her busy life as a mom.


YourTango: What's the funniest thing your kids have ever done?
Molly Shannon: Well, the other day, I walked into my kid's bedroom—this was during spring break—and my son was lying down with all his clothes on, and there was my daughter around him and her other friends, and they were giving him a massage.  And I was like, 'What are you guys doing?' My son just turned eight. They had spa music on and candles. My son said, 'Oh, it's a game where I walk in and I pretend I'm a drunk person looking for Easter candy, and I can't find any Easter candy.' Then, he [pretend] passes out, and then he gets like a full body massage on the ground by three girls.  So, that made me laugh. 

YourTango: Do you have any advice for Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show?
Molly Shannon: I'm so happy for him.  No, I don't need to give him any advice. I mean, he's obviously doing so well. I guess I would just say, 'Just keep doing what you do.' He's the nicest guy. I think people just adore him because he's such a nice, warm person. How he seems on-screen, that is how he really is in real life, to everyone: to bus drivers, to my dad, to everyone. He has that infectious energy off-camera as well as on-camera and everybody knows it. On top of that, he makes the guests feel so comfortable because he'll be like, 'If you don't like something, I'll just cut it out.'  Everybody wants to do his show because he's the best. He's such a sweetie pie.  Everybody is just so happy for his success, everyone wishes Jimmy well.

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