It's Tax Day! What's Worse: Cheating On A Spouse Or The IRS?


Dionne Warwick
See 7 celebrities who've had major financial run-ins with the government.

Apparently no one decided to "Say A Little Prayer" for Dionne Warwick, who just last month announced she filed for bankruptcy after learning she owed $10.2 million in back taxes. But, let's face it, at that level of debt, prayers probably won't help. 

According to Warwick's bankruptcy counselor, the multi-Grammy Award winner's debt is the result of bad business managing and penalties and interest on back taxes in which the principal has since been paid. Warwick's manager was fired several years ago, but it appears the damage had already been done. 

There was once a time when Warwick raked in millions of dollars, sold 100 million records, and had 30-plus singles. And though the singer still performs live, her income now barely covers her expenses. Despite her lack of economic assets these days, Warwick is still trying to do the right thing and take care of her debt as soon as possible. According to her counselor, Dionne "has repeatedly attempted to offer repayment plans and proposals to the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board for taxes owed."

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