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From Frat Boy To Family Man: The Evolution Of Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

Once linked to Jen Aniston, Vince Vaughn is now a husband and father. Who woulda thunk it?!

It's been 15 years since Vince Vaughn hosted Saturday Night Live (1998 was his last appearance at the Studio 8H!), so you can bet we're excited to see this leading man back in comedic action.

Besides his SNL hiatus, Vince has taken a larger break from the public eye for the past few years. Back in 2005, he was a true bachelor—starring in Wedding Crashers as a playboy gone good, and romancing Jennifer Aniston off-screen. But as the world collectively held its breath for Vince and Jen to tie the knot (thereby permanently erasing Brad Pitt from the equation), the two had other plans, and went their separate ways after more than a year together.

Vince continued to savor the single life, but in 2010, he seemingly out-of-the-blue changed his rep by marrying Kyla Weber, a (not famous!) Canadian realtor. Vince then added another role to his resume—father. The newlyweds welcomed daughter, Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, on December 18, 2010.

In celebration of Vince being back, we recall his dating past and transformation from player to papa. VIEW THE GALLERY: THE EVOLUTION OF VINCE VAUGHN

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