Why do I get so jealous?


My crush and I were really close and then he started bad talking about me because I told people we were dating when we weren't we just fake dated because we were trying to get a guy to piss off cause he was annoying me. He was there for me a lot of times and everytime I try to apologize to him he doesn't even forgive me and almost every month I apologize because I really really miss our friendship. I try to tell him to forget the past and move on but he says no. I asked him once why and he said because I was annoying him. The reason I was annoying him is because I'm that sort of girl that gets annoyed when guys read your chat and don't bother replying or when guys reply the shortest of answers or when they don't tell you anything. I get pissed off at him because of those things and he finds those things annoying. But then I sort of forgotten about him and moved on. Then two of my best friends started talking to him, then suddenly they became best friends. Just like how we were but more touchy, like they would hug and skype, take photos, lend each other money, buy each other presents. But like I get so jealous whenever I see them all three together and I don't know why. I love them three and they all mean the world to me. I've spoken to the two girls and asked them if they liked him and they said no. But I have a feeling he likes one of them and I am so scared. I don't even know why, Could someone please help me understand why in detail and tell me what to tell my best friends because I haven't confronted them about this. Someone please also help me write an apology letter or something or anything even if you were a guy what would you want me to say for us to be friends again?


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