10 Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Phase Going Strong


10 Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Phase Going Strong
CupidsPulse has some ways to keep your marriage fresh and exciting!

When you spend every day with a person, it’s easy to become frustrated and annoyed by some of their habits. So your partner sings really loud in the shower, or forgets to tell you when they used the last of the toothpaste. Is it worth it to pick a fight? Probably not, because little fights (over nothing) over time can cause problems in your relationship. Pick your battles! Remember, this is your soul mate – try to overlook a few little things and focus on the wonderful person you are spending your life with.

What are some other ideas to help keep the romance alive after the honeymoon is over? Tell Cupid your suggestions!  

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  • Share secrets! Research has found that self-disclosure is associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction.