8 Products To Save Your Marriage


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Check out eight products that can surprisingly help you and your partner.

5. Cell Phone
HE: Works late hours
SHE: Worries about his safety
SOLUTION: "I used to lie in bed at night and worry that [my husband] was dead in a ditch somewhere. Then I'd be angry when he got home because he'd made me fret. That was a huge strain on both of us. Now that we have cell phones, I can check in with him anytime and make sure he's OK." — Sally Bamberger, 32, Whittemore, Mich.

6. Basket
HE: Easily loses his car keys, wallet and phone
SHE: Is tired of spending 15 minutes every morning looking for them
SOLUTION: "I bought a basket for the shelf right inside the door. I told him it was the new home for all the stuff in his pockets. It took about a week for him to get the hang of it, but three years later, he is still using it." — Amber Bell, 29, Stockton, Calif.


7. Drawer Slides
HE: Leaves drawers half-open all the time
SHE: Hates open drawers; they drive her crazy
SOLUTION: "The room looked messy, and I was always afraid I was going to hurt myself. Finally, I found drawer slides that automatically pull drawers closed gently and quietly when you push. They can be installed in any drawer." — Jessica Reed, 30, Canfield, Ohio

8. Outdoor Stove
HE: Likes cooking with cast iron
SHE: Won't let him use cast iron on their glass-top electric stove
SOLUTION: "My husband really wanted an outdoor gas camp stove, so for Christmas I got him one. Now I let him buy as much cast iron as he wishes. It may be extra money, but it is well worth the price if it gets him to cook once in a while!" — April Harmon, 35, Martinsville, Ill.

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