Sneak Peek: Get the Guy Book Sample Chapter from Matthew Hussey


It's almost here! The Get the Guy book from the real life Hitch aka Matthew Hussey! A teaser copy.

Get ready for the book launch of Get the Guy by Matthew Hussey! If you are serious about getting hitched this year then pay attention to the wisdom of the real life Hitch! For those of you who aren't sure if this is a workshop for you, here is an excerpt from his new book to give you a glimpse into Hussey's famous attraction method.

To read a 12-page sample from one of the chapters in the book, click here

As part of his North American book tour, Hussy will be giving live events throughout the United States , which means fans can get a chance to ask him questions about solving their largest dating challenges. Don't miss an opportunity to get coached by Hussey and possibly get hitched in no time.


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