Three Kissing Tips Borrowed from the Ancients


Three Kissing Tips Borrowed from the Ancients
Using Eastern and Western culture to improve your kissing life

Create Some Rules

Rules sound boring, but in fact rules is exactly what the Kama Sutra means: “rules of love making.”


Now, when I say “rules” I actually mean something more like “guidelines.” For example, my wife and I have a rule that not every kissing adventure needs to end in sex. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Switch it up. Make it a rule to actively pursue kissing in different locations, different positions and with different types of kisses.
  • Built your own kisses. A chunk of the Kuma Satra is about how different kisses express different things. Build a few of your own kisses and agree upon what they express (romanticism, desire, etc.).
  • Make a list. Spend an evening writing down different ways you’d like to try kissing, places you’d like to kiss at (at 15,000 feet, for example) and kissing challenges you’d like to try (for example: 20 minute makeout session in the buff, without leading to intercourse).

Just Go With It

Finally, go where things lead. Although the Kama Sutra is about “rules,” the biggest rule is to do it however it works best for you and your partner. You might have a place you inevitably want to go, but there’s nothing wrong with veering off the path a bit and taking a more scenic route.


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