5 Things We Secretly Want Our Men To Do For Us


5 Things We Secretly Want Our Men To Do For Us
Boundaries are good but don't you sometimes wish you can just say it all?

It’s so scarce these days that we often wish we lived during the World War I and had a soldier boyfriend who’d write us letters. You can only wish for your man to pick up a pen and write his thoughts about you, how you make him feel and how beautiful you are to him. Love letters never go out of style, even for a modern woman.

5. Sail away into the sunset - Drop this hint to him and he will probably be thinking white sand, pristine water, and ice cold beer—which is exactly why this is in our secret wish list. We can’t help it, media has done a great job in leading us into thinking that private getaways and sunsets are romantic. Sure, we appreciate them taking us to fancy dinners every now and then but nothing beats being away from the crowd and spending long hours in paradise with our one and only love. Seriously.

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