What Your '90s Boy Band Crush Says About Your Love Life Now


Joey McIntyre, Then and Now
Admit it: A poster of your crush hung by your bed ... for at least five years.

Whether you wanted to run your fingers through Justin Timberlake's blonde curls or Taylor Hanson had you at "Mmmbop," it was hard to resist the saccharine lyrics and synchronized dance moves popularized by the likes of NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and many more.

Even if we were more musically tuned in to Nirvana and No Doubt, we still swooned every time "I Want It That Way" came on MTV. And we had no idea which Block the super-cute New Kids came from, but we based every bad boy crush on Joey McIntyre.

Believe it or not, however, not every girl was a Joey fan(!). Some of you were gaga for Ashley Parker Angel and his gleaming smile. Or maybe you fantasized about one of the Boyz making love to you when they became Men. And let's not forget Nick Lachey's absurdly huge biceps—and the tattoos surrounding them.

What does your '90s boy band crush reveal about the way you handle your love life now? Find out in our gallery: WHAT YOUR '90S BOY BAND CRUSH SAYS ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE NOW!

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