Live Stream! Join Women In The World Summit With Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Tune in as Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Walters, and more discuss global issues.

Today, Newsweek & The Daily Beast will host the 4th annual Women in the World Summit: Women in the World: Stories & Solutions, where empowering women will gather together in New York City to discuss important global issues. From the sexual abuse of women to the the role of women in uplifting economies, the discussions today and tomorrow will focus on narratives from the inspiring people who are fighting for women's rights across the world.

The lineup is filled with courageous female groundbreakers, peacemakers, activists, entrepreneurs, including Hilary Clinton, Oprah, Meryl Streep and much more.

Watch the summit below and follow live tweets from @WomenInWorld and #WIW13.

See the Women In The World Schedule: Women In The World Lineup 

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