Celebrities Who Are Unlucky in Love


Celebrities Who Are Unlucky in Love
Jennifer Aniston eventually found love, will these other celebrities be as lucky?

Taylor Swift may be young, but she already has quite a reputation with the fellas. Swift first began a romantic relationship with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers in 2008. This relationship didn’t last very long because Swift moved onto her “You Belong With Me” co-star, Lucas Till. By the summer of 2009, Swift switched over to new boy toy, Taylor Lautner. The relationship was over by December of 2009. In 2010, Swift fired up a relationship with John Mayer, which only lasted a few months. Jake Gyllenhaal was Swift’s next victim. They broke up in 2011. Conor Kennedy was the next heartthrob to date Swift. This relationship lasted a few months as well. She went on to One Dirction’s Harry Styles and the two broke up after a while.

John Mayer:


John Mayer has quite a long list of love interests. Here is only a handful of the women on Mayer’s list…just to name a few. In 2002 John Mayer was reportedly dating actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. The relationship was short-lived. He then moved on to dating Jessica Simpson in 2006. However, by the next year, Mayer began dating Minka Kelly. That only lasted a few months as well because by the year after that, 2008, Mayer began an on-again off-again relationship with Jennifer Aniston. He was apparently serious about her since he reportedly told Rolling Stones that the breakup “was one of the worst times of my life.” He bounced back pretty quickly since by a little while after the breakup, he began dating Taylor Swift which lasted from 2009-2010. He then moved on to Katy Perry. The two seem to have an on-again off-again relationship going on. Lets see how long this one lasts!

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Demi Moore:

In 1980, Moore was married to Freddy Moore. Their marriage lasted 5 years. In 1985, she became engaged to Emilio Estevez. The two had plans to wed in 1986 but called it off. By 1987, Moore was married to husband number two, Bruce Willis. The two were married for 13 years and had 3 daughters together. They were divorced in 2000. She then began a relationship with Asthon Kutcher who is 16 years younger than her. After dating for two years, Kutcher and Moore were married in September 2005. The marriage lasted a while but the two announced their divorce in 2011. Infidelity was rumored to be the cause of the divorce.

Who are some other celebrities who have had trouble finding love? Share your thoughts below. 

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