Love Story: First US Face Transplant Patient Gets Married


Dallas Wiens ties the knot with another burn victim he met in a support group.

In 2008, Dallas Wiens' face was melted in an electrical accident after he touched a high-voltage power line while painting the Ridglea Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. The horrific accident burned his face to his skull, he was blinded and was unconscious for three months. On Saturday, Wiens returned to the same church, but for a much happier event.

Wiens, the first person in the United States to receive a full face transplant, wed the love of his life, also a burn victim, in front of 150 people. Wiens met Jamie Nash, who burned over 70% of her body in a car accident in 2010, at a support group for burn victims in 2011. 

Both Wiens and Nash have been married before. He has a 5-year-old daughter and Nash has two children who are 6- and 10-years-old. Wiens, who filed for divorce before the accident, wasn't looking for a relationship and had sworn off love, according to The Daily Mail.

The two clicked right away and after talking all night on Christmas Eve, they set up a date and were inseperable ever since.

"It's a story of hope, a story of true survivors," Nash told The Daily Mail. "I mean, if we can do it, I guarantee you, anybody out there — we all have a story. We're all going through something. And I want to give everybody hope."

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