Target Dating Or Target Practice By Kathryn Alice?


Target Dating Or Target Practice By Kathryn Alice?
Had I invested my money on Matthew Hussey's Get the Guy & Debi Berndt's Let Love In, I'd be married!

As I have mentioned before, both Hussey and Berndt offer a money-back guarantee, which is a testament to their faith in their product. It also tells me that they are not marketing themselves as some "Ultimate Love Messiah" who blames you when the product doesn't deliver. Sometimes the problem is the person, or the merchandise, or a bad fit between the two. Rarely is it because the customer is lazy.

So, the choice is yours. Either invest in people like Alice and risk money you earned go to a method with no guarantee or at least a refund policy if it doesn't work OR take the smarter strategy and listen to Hussey and Berndt types. In the end, how soon do you want your real awesome love in your life? In a New York minute or yesterday is my answer. Despite my inner resistence which Alice just advised me to meditate to, I'm still committed to getting out of my own way when it comes to love. I really do want my soulmate here without any further delay.


In the meantime, Heather Strang, who helped me ease the sadness and grief over my experience with Alice, coaches me to focus on what I want and see the love in that situation. Heather is on target far more than Alice's "Target Dating" ever could be for me. I did see the good in my letdown from Love NOT Finding Me. My Captain America wasn't looking for me but I've got a whole fiction book being published this summer 2013 where my heroine DOES get him.  The book is aptly named "Capturing Captain America" and if it ever becomes optioned for a film like Heather Strang's "The Quest", Colin Farrell HAS to play my character Ronan.

With all the experiences during my 14 month Odyssey doing the wrong method for me, at least a funny love story (albeit fiction), was born from it. Thankfully people like Heather are supporting me stay in faith and trust that I'll give birth to a baby still.

Ironically, Kathryn Alice called Matthew Hussey's work as operating on the "animal level of attraction" whilst her's was on the "soulmate level" of attraction. She also called her work on a recorded teleconference as being of "the highest level" and not to jump to a method like Debi Berndt's because (A) it would be leaving Alice's program just before the soulmate arrived, (B) her meditations were hypnotic enough to shift energy to magnetize a soulmate, and (C) it would distract the focus and disperse the energy to include another method in one's life while doing Alice's work.

Given that Alice doesn't give refunds, maybe it's time to call a spade a spade, it's not "target dating" .... it's being the object of "emotional target practice". What else? I felt shot to the heart for a reason after it was all said (that I was lazy) and done.

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