Target Dating Or Target Practice By Kathryn Alice?


Target Dating Or Target Practice By Kathryn Alice?
Had I invested my money on Matthew Hussey's Get the Guy & Debi Berndt's Let Love In, I'd be married!

Kathryn Alice is peddling her latest product to attract a soulmate. It's called "Target Dating for Your Soulmate". Love may be priceless but Alice is charging $149.95 for the download version of target dating.

This is another recycle of her philosophy which claims to have united 100,000 soulmates via her workshops. I'd still be curious how the 100,000 people compare against the total number of people who have done her work and never met their soulmate. I guess those still single are just lazy, which is what Kathryn Alice told me was the reason I never met my soulmate.


She can backtrack all she wants on what she meant to say. Bottom line: her method is not for everyone. No one method will deliver 100% of the time to 100% of the consumers. The only guarantee in life is death and taxes, not your soulmate. The last time I did Alice's "Date for Your Soulmate" and "Soulmate Bootcamp" along with meditating to her "Manifesting Love" CD, I met my "Captain America" but he didn't want me.

Looking back, what I really needed was deep subconscious resetting of my inner love blueprint while perfecting the right "come hither" body language to get a man to approach me. If I had invested the same money on Matthew Hussey's "Get the Guy" method (body language) and Debi Berndt's Let Love In (unconscious reset) during the entire 14 months I immersed myself in Alice's work, I know I would have met and married my soulmate by now and have my baby Heather (if I have a daughter I'm naming her Heather) to boot.

Matthew Hussey is all about results and his program is based on body language and perfecting having the kind of lifestyle that has you meet alot of people every week. This is a very valuable skill as social skills become impaired in this digital world. Online dating is a tool but people rely too much on it. The art of connecting with people, not just for romance, is a lost art. Hussey helps you restore that social savvy that is a must in creating a life you love so your love will want to join you in it.

Debi Berndt is all about programming your unconscious mind to attract and sustain a love, not just any guy or gal, but the extraordinary partner for you. If your love blueprint is wonky then some subconscous retraining can help align your conscious goals for healthy love with your unconscious objectives. Many times it is the hidden agenda of your mind that sabotages love. Between confidence and healthy inner love models, setting your mind up for love success is imperative to attracting and keeping the great love you find.

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