Hobbies that make any guy sexier


Hobbies that make any guy sexier
Ask any woman – these hobbies automatically make you more desirable

Have you ever dated someone with a really awesome hobby, like martial arts or astronomy? During the early stages of courtship, it can mean the difference between “he’s nice, but I dunno” and “OMG, he could name a star after me the same way Shane West named a star after Mandy Moore in ‘A Walk to Remember.’”

At the end of the day, it’s the passion inspired by the hobby that makes you attractive. It might sound shallow to develop a crush on someone just because he’s awesome at playing the guitar, but it’s not just about the musicality – it’s about the diligence, dedication, and discipline required to master that skill. But of course, it helps if your perseverance is directed at one of the following pastimes:

1. Photography

One of the biggest draws of photography is that it always involves other interests, such as travel, nature, or fine cuisine. For every picture they’ve taken, there’s a story waiting to be told, one that required trekking through the forest or traveling 30 hours on budget airlines just to get the perfect shot.

2. Home brewing

Is there anything more charmingly vintage than brewing one’s own porter? It’s a bit of a lost art, given the accessibility of a six-pack nowadays, but we’ll take your willingness to wait weeks for your concoction to ferment as a testament to your patience.

3. Home coffee roasting and coffee making

Who wouldn’t want a personal barista? Watching a guy brew the perfect cup of coffee is akin to watching Merlin murmuring spells into his cauldron. (Bonus points if you know how to do adorable latte art).

4. Speaking different languages

It doesn’t matter if it’s French, Swahili, or Cantonese – being fluent in a foreign language makes you seem smarter, more cultured, and dare we say it, cuter. This is especially effective when the guy speaks a language that the girl doesn’t. Don’t pretend like you’ve never gotten the tingles while hearing a guy help you order food in his native tongue.

5. Playing the piano

Musicality, in general, makes guys more desirable. But let’s not pretend that all instruments are equal. While we’ve definitely caught ourselves flailing our acoustic guitar players, there’s something about the physicality of piano players that’s just irresistible. The brooding posture, the hands flying over the keys – it’s nothing less than brilliant.

6. Dancing

Dancers are fit, expressive, and musically inclined. What’s not to like? Regardless of how good (or bad) you are at dancing, you’ve likely imagined yourself being swept away by someone who knows what he’s doing. Even if you’re terrible at it, it’s not hard to appreciate someone who’s got a natural sense of rhythm and movement.

7. Writing


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