Does Pete Wentz Have A Tattooed Reminder Of Ex Ashlee Simpson?

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Pete Wentz
Exclusive! The new host of Oxygen's 'Best Ink' discusses his own ink ... and plans for more.

Tat's a wrap? Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson wed in 2008, and just weeks later announced her pregnancy. But less than three years later, Simpson filed for divorce, citing the usual "irreconcilable differences."

Wentz has since moved on with model girlfriend Meagan Camper. Professionally, his band Fall Out Boy recently announced the release of a new album after a hiatus that began in late 2009. Mixing business and pleasure, the tattoo enthusiast is also hosting this new season of Oxygen's Best Ink. 

So, is the FOB bassist hiding any regrettable ink up his own tattoo sleeve? Say, something that represents ex-wife Ashlee Simpson?

Hell. No. "No, I guess I never really thought about [getting a tattoo for a girlfriend]. I definitely would get one to represent my son. I think that would be something I'd get when he can write his name," Wentz tells YourTango.

Playing Switzerland, he's not slighting anyone who tatted in the name of love. "[It's] kind of to each their own, you know? It's hard to be judgmental over what somebody else thinks is a good idea for a tattoo, because they probably don't think what you got is a good tattoo. I try to not be judgmental. At the same time ... to get somebody's name tattooed on you, they probably should be a family member or you have to know they’re gonna be in your life for a long time."

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