'Real Housewives'' Lisa Hochstein On Fertility Struggles & More


Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein
Plus, the "boob god's" wife gives an update on the couple's Tony Montana home drama.

YourTango: Besides IVF, what else are you trying? 
Lisa Hochstein: I heard take baby aspirin. There's acupuncture, baby aspirin; we're doing all of these little things and constantly getting new tips and tricks. So many fans have been sending me messages on Twitter and Facebook

YourTango: Are you hoping for a boy or girl?
Lisa Hochstein:
At this point, I don't even care. Before, I thought I wanted a boy first, but at this point, I just want anything.


YourTango: What if the IVF treatments lead to twins or triplets?!
Lisa Hochstein:
The more the merrier! It would be exciting because we finally would have our babies. But it would be scary at the same time because we would be going from zero to 100. It would be a blessing. Whatever God gives me, it's going to be a blessing and I'm going to do the best I can to be the best mom I can.

YourTango: Have you decided on any names?
Lisa Hochstein:
I have but I don't want to reveal any of my names because I don't want anyone to steal them. [laughs.]

YourTango: Lenny is Jewish and you’re Christian. Have you decided how you will raise your children?
Lisa Hochstein:
We are going to raise our children Jewish. That was Lenny's request and all I ask is that we celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays. They're going to understand that mommy is not Jewish, daddy is …They will understand that it's a big world and there's lots of different religions … You can't choose a person, based on their religion, to love. You just fall in love with who you fall in love with. If it's a different religion, you're going to have to make it work, and this is how we're making it work for us.

YourTango: You mentioned on Real Housewives of Miami a concern for your marriage if you can't conceive. Can you talk more about this to help other women experiencing similar feelings?
Lisa Hochstein:
Having a child with your husband or wife strengthens your bond, and it unites you as a family even more so. For me, personally, I feel that it would strengthen my relationship … I'm not speaking for everyone, but many times men ultimately get married because they want to start that family … Although Lenny has never voiced that he would leave me, I know it's a very important thing for himself and myself to have children, so who knows later on in life? People change, relationships change … Although I never want to be without my husband, these are very valid questions and concerns ... It's a very taboo thing to talk about. Even though a husband may be thinking deep down inside, 'I just wanted a kid. This isn't going to work. What do I do?' it's a thing that people just don’t talk about.

YourTango: Are you considering adoption more seriously now?
Lisa Hochstein:
We're going to continue to try to have our own biological child, because we don't see any reason why we can't. We just see this as a little speed bump in the way of our family. Who knows? Maybe later on we will. It's not something we're against. I respect and I commend every person out there who has such love in their hearts that they want to adopt.

YourTango: Would you use a surrogate?
Lisa Hochstein:
We're willing to try everything. That's definitely an option. Whatever we need to do, we're going to do it ... That's such an odd thing to me, to use a surrogate, but if that's the way it has to be, that's the way it's going to be. It's going to be our kid no matter what. If nothing else is working, we're just at our wits' end, that would be an option.