Love Will Find You ... NOT and No Refund from the Love Guru


Love Will Find You ... NOT and No Refund from the Love Guru
A reporter went to write an expose about Matthew Hussey and instead got a boyfriend. I lost cash.

Dear Kathryn: I have been in touch with your customer service department in regards to a request for a refund for all purchases made from Alice Tompkins related to any products or courses around soulmate attraction. While I have been very pleased with your Career QuickFix and Deliberate Creation products, I had purchased your numerous teleseminars and joined the Love Club based on the marketing of your work as "the fastest method to soulmate attraction" (from your home page on your website) which was wording used in your promotional material. I understand that while some things just don't work out, and are not a fit, it was statements like this that prompted me to buy your products. I am requesting a refund of the sum total that I spent on these purchases since the merchandise did not align with what I expected based on your marketing. I understand your perspective on soulmate attraction and respect your opinion. However, I am left feeling more confused by your method than I was before I read your book. Without getting too analytical, and at the risk of being called out for not having faith and being "lazy", I believe that the best solution to my dissatisfaction as a paying customer is to be granted a refund. No hard feelings. It's just a business transaction that didn't pan out, and is best corrected. Kindest Regards.

At least I learned a few things, had some great dates, and got some helpful meditations but the products didn't deliver. Instead of realizing that sometimes it's just not the right fit, I get told I am lazy and unable to trust. Maybe in some people's perspective that occurs true. I wonder what the FTC may have to say about it. I think I just may try and find out.

And yes ... I'll admit this ... beyond the money ... being called lazy broke my heart more than still being single after giving Alice's method 100% of my time and enery.

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