Love Will Find You ... NOT and No Refund from the Love Guru


Love Will Find You ... NOT and No Refund from the Love Guru
A reporter went to write an expose about Matthew Hussey and instead got a boyfriend. I lost cash.

The downside of being a consumer advocate at times is usually parting with one's hard earned cash. In the business of love, your best bet is to only select products with a refund or money back guarantee. Unless of course you are ready to part with your hard earned money. Case in point: the results of my fact finding mission and personal indulgence in Kathryn Alice's "Love Will Find You" soulmate attraction method.

Unlike the reporter who went to Matthew Hussey's seminar to expose him but ended up changing her story to a glowing article with a great boyfriend to boot, I had the opposite result. Alice called me lazy for not manifesting a soulmate after 14 months of immersion into her program. Also unlike Matthew Hussey, who offers a money-back guarantee like Debi Berndt, Kathryn Alice not only said I was full of sloth, she pocketed income complements of my product purchases based on her "proven method".


If I had found Debi Berndt and Matthew Hussey instead of Kathryn Alice back then, I am 100% certain.... had I invested my money in their work ... I would be married with a baby by now.

Part of the reason for selecting Alice in the fall of 2011 was because I didn't feel drawn to the Patti Stangler books on being one's own matchmaker. Alice seemed like the most sincere. I still believe she is. I just want my money back. When I initially emailed Alice's customer service department with my request this is what their response was since, for me, the products didn't deliver:

We do not give refunds. Here is the agreement that you clicked on when ordering: RETURN POLICY: Any product that is defective can be returned for an exchange for the same product. Once you pay for admission to a workshop, this fee is nonrefundable. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from being at an event you've paid for, email us and we can work out an exchange for merchandise or another workshop. Thank you for honoring these policies. They are one of the reasons our prices are so reasonable. Love & blessings to you! If you need us to replace any defective products, please do let us know, and we'll ensure you do get them! We bless you in your journey!

Not satisfied with this generic response, I wrote directly to Kathryn via her email and in a private message on her facebook. So far, in the three days since I sent it, she has not responded. So I guess I was lazy but not too lazy to have a job that afforded me the discretionary income for over a year to give her method a full effort and be left empty handed.

This was my email to Kathryn Alice herself:

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