The power of a loving heart


"Oh My Gosh, You are the most loved man in town right now. Everyone is talking about how amazing your presentation was."

This was the tweet by my client, who along with his wife, owns an award winning salon and hair-styling school.  I had given a presentation at their school about success to help the students define and realize their goals.  One of the many things I have learned over the years is that you may enter a situation with a particular direction, but you must always pay attention to your audience and be prepared to change course, appropriately. 


We did cover the material intended, and we also touched on many issues that young women face every day.  I was impressed with the dedication and commitment these women made to their success.  And I was even more impressed, and even touched, by the courage they showed to face their fears, to listen to some hard truths, to take responsibility for themselves, and to make the turn to use new strategies and resources to create their best lives.


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