40 Dating DOs and DON'Ts


40 Dating DOs and DON'Ts
Dating can lead to all kinds of tricky situations.

15. DO go on a date with someone you feel so-so about.
If you haven't been on a date in a while, this could be the ideal opportunity to get back out there and practice. "I recommend meeting up with the guy for only an hour over coffee or one drink," says Smitten blogger Ariane Marder. "Because you're not invested, you really have nothing to lose--besides a precious hour of your time that could be spent trying to figure out why no one is asking you out. (Sigh.)"

16. DO allow yourself to be wooed.
"It feels good to be treated like a lady. If a guy really likes you, he'll pick you up and take you out, not ask you to drive across town for cocktails and a sleepover."
--Alison Brie, star of Mad Men and Community

17. DON'T plan a complicated date. Start with the basics.
It's tempting to be creative and plan a date that's fun and outside-the-box. But don't underestimate the value of the tried-and-true standards. Almaraz says, "While men like creative dates, they said they would prefer those types of dates later in a relationship." Sixty-two percent of men polled for his WTF Are Men Thinking? book said they prefer dinner or a movie for a first date. One even said, "Dinner is always good as long as it's relatively casual. I think going too fancy on a first date can reek of desperation to impress. You're there to get to know the other person, not to get involved in activities that present opportunities to ignore each other."

18. DO let go of the day's frustrations before a first date.
"When chatting about your day, it may seem natural to bring up the bad day you had at work, the argument with your friend, or the fact that you couldn't find parking earlier," says James Wadley, Ph.D., the author of Would You Marry You? But on a first date, you might want to "keep your bad attitude at home, and then go out to meet others to show them how adaptable, resilient, and sexy you can be."

19. DON'T go overboard on dressing sexy.
Sure, you want to look hot on a date (we've got you covered with tons of outfits guys love), but don't go overboard. "On dates and when out trying to get dates, I recommend dressing about 20 to 30 percent sexy," says Steinberg. "Give him a little something for his imagination."

20. DO wear shoes that are comfortable.
We love our pointy-toe stilettos too, but if you're seeing someone new, maybe go brogue instead. "Some of the best dates are the ones that continue going on beyond what's planned," says Bloom. "You're improvising, and you don't want uncomfortable shoes to be the reason you cut short a date that's going well."

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