40 Dating DOs and DON'Ts


40 Dating DOs and DON'Ts
Dating can lead to all kinds of tricky situations.

7. DON'T worry about his age--or yours.
The times have changed, and age just isn't as relevant anymore when it comes to dating. Miguel Almaraz, coauthor of WTF Are Men Thinking?, said, "Younger men--20 to 30--really do like dating older women. In fact, 66 percent of the men we polled [for the book] said they would date older women." The main reason given? Experience.

8. DO put a friend in charge of finding you a date.
Not great at seeing who's good for you? Then stop trying and let a friend do it for you. Whitney Casey, author of The Man Plan, says to pick a (preferably coupled-up) close friend and put her in charge of finding guys--any other guy you meet automatically goes in the friend zone. "You'll only go on dates with someone she sets you up with," Casey says. Not only does this help you date better men, you'll also end up acting more genuinely around other guys you meet when the should-I-date-him pressure's off.

9. DON'T limit your online dating searches.
Doing the online dating thing? Make sure you cast a wide net. "Extend your search two inches in height below what you want and two years older and younger than what you think you are looking for," says Brenda Della Casa, author of Cinderella Was a Liar.

10. DON'T pretend to be someone you're not, even online.
Online dating is competitive, but being yourself is essential. "If you're pretending to be someone you're not, you're going to end up on a date with a person who is compatible with the person you're pretending to be, not the person you actually are," says Lisa Daily, author of How to Date Like a Grown-Up.

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11. DO give people permission to want you and not want you.
OK, this might sound trite, but it really does make a lot of sense: "The Universal Rejection Truth of Dating and Relationships says that thousands of people will want to date you, but millions will not," says Cohen. "Until you can give people permission to not want you, it will be too hard to meet the people who do want you."

12. DON'T waste your time dating a show-off.
"The bravado? That guy needs to save it for the golf course."
--Justin Timberlake

13. DO be nice to everyone.
"I can't stress this enough," says Rachel DeAlto, author of Flirt Fearlessly: The A to Z Guide to Getting Your Flirt On: "You never know where an encounter is going to lead. That guy you met at the gym but aren't into? That woman you met at the networking event last night? They might be the one to introduce you to your dream guy."

14. DO tell a friend when you want to be more than friends.
"Unless you have only one friend and telling this friend means losing your only friend, it's not friendly to keep a friend from dating the best possible single person on the market--you," says Cohen.


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