How My Marissa Mayer Moment Changed My Life


How My Marissa Mayer Moment Changed My Life
How having to choose between my career or having just 7 days maternity leave changed my life.

However I had a moment of clarity.

A voice inside my head told me that although this was going to be my first child and I had no idea what being a mom of a newborn would be like, leaving my 7 day old baby to go back to fulltime work would not be a healthy or happy situation for either of us.


It was also clear there would be no flexibility in my schedule or that I was going to be able to take my baby into work with me to a private nursery.

I love that the CEO of a Fortune 500 company has a nursery attached to her office. Who would ever have imagined that?

Now we just need the same support for other parents in the workplace.

So I stayed in the other position. I am so glad I did. Their support of me throughout my pregnancy was incredible. The 6-month maternity they voluntarily offered me, and the flexible schedule they allowed me upon my return enabled my experience of becoming a new mom truly a time of happiness and joy.

I truly felt they valued my role as both an employee and as a mom.

Although at the time I felt like I missed my big career break, as with many what seem like set backs in life, it lead me to a different path I never imagined.

This experience is what eventually triggered me to launch my own business. Something I would never have imagined before.

It was driven by the desire to have more flexibility to be with my daughter. Now this is combined with a passion to shift the paradigm of the workplace so it truly supports all women (and men) in being able to do work that they love, provide for their families and be the parents they want to be for their children.

So Marissa Mayer, even though I am not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, who thought we would nearly have something in common.

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