Brandi Glanville: Lisa Vanderpump "Adores" Her 'DWTS' Partner


Exclusive! The Housewife talks Lisa's biggest competition (Kellie!) and plans to open a gay bar.

YourTango: Circling back to Dancing with the Stars, do you think that Lisa will win?
Brandi Glanville: Yeah, I think she has a good chance because she has such a large fan base. She's a little older than some of the other people, so I think it's a little harder on her—the actual 8-hour day. I couldn't do it at my age … I saw D.L Hughley and Wynonna Judd [on the premiere] and I thought Lisa was definitely better than those two, but I didn't see the whole thing. I think she has a good chance, and I think Kellie Pickler is really good, so either one of the two of them.

YourTango: Million dollar questionwould you do the show next season?
Brandi Glanville: Totally. I've always wanted to do it. I was so jealous. I'm like, 'I am so happy for you, but I am so jealous of you right now.' In my head, I am a backup dancer and the boys and I have dance-offs in the kitchen.

YourTango: It'll be the best workout.
Brandi Glanville:
That is the only thing that would scare me, because I hate the people that are so thin on there, and I'm already so thin. I just feel like some people get too crazy thin when they do it … it is a full body workout and then you're also in high heels. Can you imagine doing a workout eight hours a day in those heels?

YourTango: Not at all.
Brandi Glanville:
You'll have the cutest butt, and the best abs on the planet.


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