Kathryn Alice: Did She Really Help 100,000 People Find Love?


Kathryn Alice: Did She Really Help 100,000 People Find Love?
Kathryn Alice claims to have helped 100,000 people find love. Where's the hard evidence?

Unlike other coaches in the industry, Kathryn Alice does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee. People like Matthew Hussey and Debi Berndt do. Not only does Hussey and Berndt display fair business in stating a no questions asked refund policy but they are demonstrating faith in their own product. Hussey and Berndt know their product can deliver results but they don't market themselves as some love solution panacea.

There is a fine line between marketing and unfounded claims. I certainly hope Alice can back up her claims and explain the contradictions that have been pointed out in her work by Amazon reviewers who are still listening to her "Manifest Love" CD every night, for two years now, and still single.


After a year or two of immersion in her meditations and addressing blocks using Alice's method, one has to face another obvious question: Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result?

Thomas Edison took 1000 attempts to create a light bulb because he did something different each time. Perhaps Alice herself needs to have some introspection as to why she hasn't given names and references to back up her 100,000 claim or offer the money-back guarantee that Hussey and Berndt do.

Perhaps it's time for a method upgrade or just a willingness to see that sometimes it doesn't work for everybody and perhaps, her method is not perfect, because nothing is in life, not even Alice herself.

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