10 Unexpectedly Awesome Hollywood Husbands


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Get ready to swoon!

During the recent award season, who wasn't moved by Ben Affleck's gushing words about his wife, Jennifer Garner? He spoke of their lasting love, great relationship, and beautiful family every time Argo swept another award. 

But back in the day, Ben wasn't quite such marriage material. When he was dating Gwyneth Paltrow, she described her then-beau's perfect woman as "any sort of stripper at Scores. Anyone that serves cold beer in a bikini." That doesn't sound like Jen. Or Gwen!

And Gwynnie's reaction to the original Bennifer calling off their wedding? She wasn't surprised. "Ben makes life tough for himself," she said. "He's got a lot of complication, and you know, he really is a great guy. So I hope he sorts himself out."

After a rehab stint in 2001 for alcohol abuse, Affleck was able to put the family man pieces together. He's been happily married since 2005 and is quite the doting dad to his three kids, regularly running errands and enjoying casual movie date nights with his wife.

Of course, Ben isn't the only Hollywood husband to gush about his wifey to the media. Check out our list of the most awesome husbands in Tinseltown. VIEW THE GALLERY: 10 UNEXPECTEDLY AWESOME HOLLYWOOD HUSBANDS

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