Hilarious Pickup Lines


Hilarious Pickup Lines
“Are you a parking ticket? Because, girl, you've got 'fine' written all over you.”

 Reader’s comments were so funny and clever that we just had to share.

..."Buddy, if we were the last two people on Earth, we'd be the last two people on Earth."  chiliv

I prefer Madeline Kahn's Line in Blazing Saddles Lily VonSchtup: "Is that a wrabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"aaeisen

I asked this girl if she was from Nashville, because she was the only "Ten I SEE" It didn't work....Holy Cow Batman

I met my husband when I walked up to him at a club and asked "Is your name Ryan?" He said "No" and then I said "Oh thank gawd! I don't date guys named Ryan. Want to get a drink at the bar?"SnaxInSD

Photo: Jill Giardino Blend Images Getty Images (Photo: Jill Giardino Blend Images Getty Images)

"You remind me of a beautiful melody, in the middle of a romantic symphony that's pulling on my heart strings!"Laurie Hubbard

Are your legs tired?  Because you've been running through my mind all night.battykoda

Here is the pickup line that worked on my husband.  We have been together for 25+ years.  My girlfriend went up to him in a bar and said while pointing at me "That girl over there wants to have your babies:)"  Worked like a charm!lizzy19

The words of Randy Newman's "Love Story" worked for me, especially the first verse; "you and me" later.Artie Bleppo

From Jailhouse Rock: "How dare you use those cheap tactics on me. It’s not tactics baby, it’s just the beast in me" .....Judy Tylers character to Elvis.JElvisJ

Just say hello, that's all you need to do.Someone (BlueCat2)

"Have you spoken to your mother lately? Please thank her, for me."danmac937
"Do you know (insert your name)?", "No." (reach out your hand and say) "Hi, I'm (Insert your name)".valen001

You must be heading to a bake sale with that much cutie pie.replay01

Excuse me, we have never met, but may I ask you a personal question?  What is your name?  If the person smiles it’s OK. If not, just keep on walking.Effthat

"What's your sign?" "Wait, I got it...Danger, curves ahead." Chexter

If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?Frequent Flyer1

Excuse me.... Can I have my breath back?  You took it away from over there, and I thought I would come and get it in person.  Gary Webb

The best pick up line I have used for years is as follows: " You look like you have a great attitude about life...did you have a good day or a bad day?"  Works every time.Doc321

I was at a party when I met the love of my life.  He came up to me and began to gently jab at my arm with his fist.  I in turn looked at him and asked "What are you doing?"  Then came the cheesiest, cutest thing I think I will ever hear, "I'm hitting on you."  over eight years later, I still get butterflies when I see him smile. FairInk

Did you hear that? What? A heart just skipped a beat. CapeHorner


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