Athena and Persephone: Polar Opposites? Part 1


Athena and Persephone:  Polar Opposites? Part 1
The Father's Daughter vs. Fatherless Daughter are two sides of the same coin defined by a man.

Did I know Cameron was the one the instant I saw him? Yes. I knew he was NOT the one. It had nothing to do with the psychic readings predicting another man. So why did I go through and elope just two months after I met him? He was familiar. Cameron did the same thing my dad used to do. Push me to always do better. I knew the drill and it was second nature. Besides, I didn't want to figure out my lack of confidence with boys my own age. Later it turned out that everything about that choice was in reaction to fear of men who my peers. A response to the four years of being "just a girl friend" with Aidan. Eventually what I didn't want to confront hit me in the face.

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