How Much Is 'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe Worth?

'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe

The number will surprise you.

How much are an angel's wing feathers worth? The twinkling lightness of a child's laughter? Could you really put a price on a falling star?

Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe is all those glorious sparkles in one, but how much is he worth?

Well, Sean attended Kansas State on a full football scholarship, so he didn't have to spend a ton of dough there. Add to that the money he doesn't have to spend on condoms, plus his just rewards for showing off what mama (and a few years in the gym) gave him as a male model, and wrap it all up in a dual career as an insurance salesman and furniture store owner, and you get quite a handsome figure.

What's the number? Find out here: How Much is Bachelor Sean Lowe Worth?

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Photo Courtesy: ABC


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