6 Qualities Your Future Husband MUST Have


6 Qualities Your Future Husband MUST Have
No matter what your guy’s personality is, there are certain characteristics he has to have if you’re

Hubby Quality: He’s Honest
Even if he’s a car salesman (aka professional liar) by day, he has to speak the truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) with you. Sure, there are certain occasions that warrant white lies, like if he’s trying to surprise you with an engagement ring or protect your feelings (“No, I didn’t notice that zit”). At all other times, though, he has to be straight with you--and not keep secrets from you.

Hubby Quality: He’s Got Your Back
My relationship may not have made it to a wedding day if Paul didn’t stand up for me when his family gave me a hard time during our engagement. Yes, Paul calls me out on it when he thinks I’m doing something wrong, but he always hears me out, supports my (carefully thought-out) decisions, and sides with me when sides have to be taken. It’s a good feeling--and a key ingredient to a successful marriage.

Hubby Quality: He’s Fun
Whether your idea of a good time is parking yourself on the couch to watch reality TV or parking the car by a cliff to bungee jump, your future husband’s gotta bring it. This is the man you’re spending the rest of your life with; if you don’t enjoy being with him now while you’re young, how high-quality will your quality time be thirty years from now? Not every second will be bliss, unfortunately, but most moments with your man should make you happy.

Hubby Quality: He’s Willing to Work
Maybe you want to be the breadwinner. As they said in the 90s, “You go girl!” But in unsteady economies (like, uh, this one), you both have to be up for earning. A lazy-bones for a hubby can mean bad things for your checking account and the children you may decide to have.

Hubby Quality: He Uses His Words
Some guys have an easier time sharing their feelings than others. Regardless of where your man falls on the expressive spectrum, he better speak his messages--and not hit, kick, or punch them. I know you know this already, but I’ll remind you anyway: Violence has no place in love and marriage.

Hubby Quality: He Loves You Unconditionally
It’s cool if your guy was initially attracted to your pretty face or beautiful bod. But he has to love much more than that if he’s the man you marry. Looks fade over time--or can change in an instant. A shallow guy doesn’t make much of a husband.

What other qualities do you think a husband must have in order for love and marriage to work? Could you live without any of the above? How many of these qualities does your guy have?

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