The Benefits and Pitfalls of Dating a Younger Man


The Benefits and Pitfalls of Dating a Younger Man
We can learn a few things from celebrities like Demi Moore about what its like dating younger men.

By Marni Battista

Demi Moore, Mayor of Cougarville – Population: 1?


Demi Moore has done it again. Earlier this year, she scooped up a hunk of a fellow, and this time he is even younger than Ashton Kutcher. In January, Moore, who is currently in the middle of her divorce with Kutcher, was seen out doing nothing but drinking and partying with the younger set. She was photographed with art dealer, Vito Schnabel, who is 26 years old – which, in case anyone is counting, is half of her age. So should our collective response be along the lines of “you go, girl!”, or should we feel sorry for her? She shares her admiration for younger guys with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Madonna, so it seems to be a common trend in Hollywood. Is there really a difference if a woman dates a man fewer than 10 years younger than her versus 20-plus years younger? Does it matter?

We can learn a few things from these famous ladies about the benefits and pitfalls of dating a younger man.

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Lack of baggage: Hooray! No psycho ex-wife? Check. No kids who hate you? Check. When dating a younger man, you can be confident that he won’t have a nightmare ex to drive you crazy. Plus, he won’t come loaded with a horrendous view of women based on his traumatic past relationships.

Having grown up in a slightly more modern society than you will most likely enable him to have a fresher perspective on women as well as a different opinion of “the working woman,” as his mom may very well have been that very girl. In addition, because there is less baggage, there is less compromise for the older woman. There is less “stuff” to have to incorporate from his life into yours. And as a result, he’s more likely to slip into your everyday world effortlessly.

Health: A younger guy has a much higher probability of being healthy and fit. This means that, when you go on that beach stroll or hike in the hills, he’s not going to be complaining about his knees. For a woman who feels “young at heart” and also has a healthy lifestyle, a younger man will feel like more of a match.

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