What To Do On A First Date To Make Him Fall For You


what to do on a first date
Six tips to make a lasting impression on your first date.

5. Talk With Your Body
While a loud and crowded bar or restaurant may not be an ideal place for a first date, it will allow you an excuse to get cozy. It's a great impetus for leaning in closer and creating a more intimate feeling right off the bat. Once that physical distance barrier has been broken things like holding his hand or an end of night kiss will feel much more natural. At the end of my first date with my current boyfriend, we were waiting for the subway after a three-hour meal (where we literally ate nothing because we were talking the whole time!), I was tired and put my head on his shoulder. I found out over a year later that that moment solidified his feelings for me — and ultimately led to a pretty romantic first kiss.

6. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping
So maybe The Bachelor doesn't have it all wrong when it comes to a good first date. You know all of those "leap of love" metaphors they make every season about jumping off a building, climbing a mountain or insert-other-dangerous-activity-heredate? It turns out that the more energy and intensity you put into any experience, the closer you're going to be. An adventurous date gives you both a chance to share who you are in a fun and enjoyable way. After a shared experience — even ice skating or something more spontaneous like a scary cab ride — you're more likely to feel a strong connection to that person.

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