10 Hot Hollywood Husbands Changing The World


Matt Damon
These hot celebrity hubbies don't just look good—they do good.

Leave it to Matt Damon, upstanding celebrity citizen and all-around good guy, to use toilet humor in order to call attention to a worthy cause.

Last month, Damon co-founded Water.org, a charity foundation dedicated to providing clean water to everyone on the planet. In a video released on the site, Damon held a fake "press conference" in order to announce that he would not be going to the bathroom until his "toilet strike" raised enough money to provide 2.5 billion people with access to adequate sanitation.

"Just join me, and say no to toilets," Damon said then. "Say yes to clean water and sanitation for all."

Now, with March 22 marking World Water Day, Jessica Biel and Jason Bateman have joined Damon in his campaign, pledging their new plans to avoid toilets at all costs. Humor aside, the original Jason Bourne and his "famous people" friends aim to raise public awareness surrounding the 800 million people around the globe who don't have access to clean drinking water.

Join Matt, Jessica and Jason in their fight by getting involved here! Then, see 10 other Hollywood husbands using their fame and fortune for good.


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