Puppy Love: Why Pet Ownership Among Singles Is On The Rise

woman and puppy

A new study shows more singles are turning to pets for love.

3. Pet ownership among single men increased by 27.7% 
This is my favorite statistic, mainly because men often fool themselves into thinking they don't love pets the same way women do — but oh they do, even when they're not the owner! Case in point: when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, in the midst of the crying, and the "I don't want to hurt you" nonsense (side note: why do people even say that? Of course you don't!), he actually uttered: "soooo, what about Joe?" I almost started laughing, until I thought: Um, what about, Joe?! We're a package deal, son! This was not a couple's purchase, so there were no visiting rights here. Guess who soon found himself pooch shopping?

The real irony was Joe had formed quite an attachment to said ex, and was depressed for months; still, he miraculously managed to forget this every time I walked in the door. Find me a human that awesome, and I'll find you a million dollars.



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