How to make a long distance relationship work


How to make a long distance relationship work
Long distance relationships are one of the trickiest relationships in the world of dating and love.

If you want to make a long distance relationship work, hammer this into your head. Somehow, most lovers have the most trouble handling this little thing called jealousy.

Let’s face it, you know your partner is hot stuff. And you can’t really do anything if someone else is hitting on them, or if you hear a few rumors that your mate’s dating someone else or if you read a “last night was fun!” message on your lover’s facebook wall.

Stop yourself from getting jealous, this is your sweetheart we’re talking about. This person is all yours and no one else’s. It’s easy to get worked up over nothing, so take it easy and wait for your partner to tell you all about it and have a laugh![Emotional CheatingHow to Know When Your Spouse Is Guilty of Emotional Cheating]

Learn to trust your partner and help your partner trust you

Long distance relationships can be more painful than fun if your partner’s someone who’s always attracted a lot of attention. But the one thing that matters here is the big question, do you trust your partner?

On the other hand, help your partner trust you and believe you. Always be frank and talk about every little incident so your partner never feels like they’re left out of the loop. And don’t call your partner when you’ve got giggling or noisy friends over. If there’s a weird message on your facebook wall, reply it in a manner that can clear the air for your long distance lover.

Always give your lover enough time over phone or skype and make them feel special and cared for. Losing trust in the relationship is one of the biggest reasons why lovers break up in a long distance relationship. And almost always, it’s usually a misunderstanding that triggers the lack of trust. So tread carefully on this one.

You can’t always be there for your partner emotionally

As helpless as you may seem, you need to get this into your head. You can’t always be there for your lover. When your partner does feel low or is having a bad day, all you can do is talk about it and ask your sweetheart to go out with a few friends and have some fun. Do just that.

But don’t get annoyed or pissed off that your partner’s out with their friends and god-knows-who-else. It’s a part of long distance relationship and loving from far away. You can’t help your lover or be there for them all the time. You’re two lovers who love each other but can’t be there physically for each other, at least for a while. Either of you should understand that, or one of you may end up disconnecting emotionally because the other person is of no help.

Your partner will make new friends *some attractive ones too*

Okay, so deal with it. You aren’t around to show the world that you own your lover, so there really isn’t anything you can do about it other than trust your partner. You have to understand that both of you are leading separate lives, and both of you are going to meet new friends. And at times, a new friend may be attractive, and at other times, a new friend may have a crush on your lover.


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