Do Girls Like Shy Guys Who Don’t Make A Bold Move?


Do Girls Like Shy Guys Who Don’t Make A Bold Move?
Do girls like shy guys or confident guys? Find out what girls want in a shy guy and what you can do

Shy guys are loveable.

And almost all girls feel safe, and dare I say it, even confident around them.

Shy guys are every girl’s dream conversationalist.

They hardly talk, and they’re really good at just listening to the girl.

Girls like that.

We definitely love a cute shy guy who can just watch us, smile to himself and listen to everything we have to say.

Do girls like shy guys?

Girls definitely like a shy guy.

But almost always, girls fall for a shy guy when they’re still in school or college, and definitely not in a workplace.[Signs He’s Into You Or Not]

Girls get crushes on cute shy guys because they’re so mysterious and different from all the other guys who try to behave like bold smooth talkers.

But as soon as a great guy starts to pursue a girl, she forgets about the shy guy because, well, he’s just not doing anything to reciprocate.

If you’re a shy guy, learn to use the opportunity of first impressions.

Girls are intrigued by a shy guy. And even the smallest gesture by a shy guy can make a huge difference to a girl, especially if she likes him already.

When are shy guys better than confident guys?

# Shy guys make better friends. They’re good listeners and they’re very considerate. But you obviously don’t want to be her friend, so this isn’t a good sign. If you want to date a girl, you need to let her know that!

# Shy guys make better sex buddies. Girls feel powerful around shy guys. Get drunk with a girl and let her have her way with you and she’ll definitely like it. And if you’re just looking for a fling thing, you’d definitely like it too!

# Girls definitely like a guy who’s shy at first but opens up after a few conversations. They definitely don’t like a guy who’s shy in the first conversation and shy after that too. Now almost all the time, even the shyest of guys open up after a couple of conversations, so you don’t have to worry there.[Top 5 Reasons Why He Treats You Like A Friend and Not A Lover]

What do girls want in a great guy?

Now shy guys have a lot of good sides to them. They’re more sensitive and caring and girls like their company. But to fall for a guy, there are three things that a girl needs in a boyfriend material.

#1 A guy who can protect her

#2 A guy she can depend on

#3 A guy who can pursue her

Now these three things that every girl needs may seem simple, but this is where almost every shy guy fails. Do you realistically think you have the bold presence of a guy who can protect the girl from any trouble when she’s with you? Do you think she can depend on you to sort any issue out for her? And if you’re so shy that you can’t even have a conversation with her, can you really woo her and impress her by pursuing her when she’s playing hard to get?


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