Am I Athena? Always A Daughter, Never A Wife


Am I Athena? Always A Daughter, Never A Wife
Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen once described the Jungian archetype of an Athena woman, the eternal daughter

Oddly enough: I'm pretty much look and act and dress the same from a decade ago. It's just that now, I'm not interested in dating for fun.Besides, I still haven't figured out why men get interested in me. I really don't get it.

Athena either stays as is or becomes Atalanta from the mythical tale of the Golden Apples. Atalanta refuses to marry a man unless he can beat her in a track and field race. Divine intervention from Aphrodite is what is needed to get Atalanta partnered up.


My point is, Margaret Thatcher did have Dennis, but men like him belong to another time and place. Wilhelm and Oliver married young and their wives and I got along because we were so similar. So, I'm thinking that I'll have to take more trips to Europe, if I want to end up like Atalanta.

Similar to Atalanta, I'll need some golden apples too, or my archetype needs to shift from daughter and sister to wife and mother. There is a reason why single women have their father's surname while married ones take their husband's. Traditionally, the father gives a bride away to her husband because it's a transfer of property. A woman physically goes from her father's home to her spouse's house. She also transitions that way psychologically. Athena the archetype is a grown woman who becomes independant of her father but doesn't replace him as the most important man in her life. In my case, having two, renders a husband redundant.

Book me on that Luftansa flight! Mein freunde Stephanie said that the men in Berlin look like Michael Fassbender. JA!

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