Healing Heather: A Remedy for Heartbreak


Healing Heather: A Remedy for Heartbreak
Was I tricked? If so, it hurt. Thanks to some "Healing Heather" in Portland the healing began.
  • Focus on the less painful thought.
  • You won't always feel this way. I am not so sure you were being tricked sweetie. Breathe into your heart.
  • If you are going to believe anything choose a loving thought. Something that is less painful.
  • Don't stuff your emotions down or it will be harder to clear. Keep breathing into your heart. You are responding to a comment from a well-meaning friend but it is a reaction to a cluster of fearful thoughts not reality.
  • The feeling tricked is coming from your mind not your heart. What does your heart say? (My heart is unsure. Can't say much more than that)
  • I don't believe you were tricked at all. And choosing to believe that thought freaked you out - another sign it wasn't a thought that was in alignment with your highest self.
  • There is never an accident who comes into your life. Your reaction being so strong in response to what your friend says is a possible sign that it's fear that you are reacting to but not necessarily the truth I think you might have your guard up and are pushing away with "rules." Breathe into your heart space.
  • The things he said, they weren't true? You absolutely know this??
  • So you're letting it out now. That's good. I would remember too that everyone who comes into our life is a mirror. Where are you being mysterious and not totally available? Then focus on that piece for yourself and healing it. Then men won't come in that are doing that. They are always showing you who they are.
  • Oh, stay away from Cosmo! That's just crap!
  • You can't go back and change anything. You didn't do anything wrong.
  • Well - it doesn't seem like focusing there makes you feel good. So I just want to encourage you to reach for a thought that does feel good. Is really crazy making to let something that happened back then upset you so much now. What is happening in your now that is lovely? Place your focus there love! xo


My lesson on St. Patrick's Day: Always have some "Healing Heather" words in your mind especially when you are sad. For now, my emotions are still healing but that I'm allowing them to feel. My mind is saying: I wish I never met him.

In the meantime I am going to watch Michael Fassbender fan videos and avoid any dedicated to Colin Farrell. Fassbender images are the antidote to feeling blue. Fassbender may be a chameleon but Farrell's twin was the trickster.

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