Healing Heather: A Remedy for Heartbreak


Healing Heather: A Remedy for Heartbreak
Was I tricked? If so, it hurt. Thanks to some "Healing Heather" in Portland the healing began.

As my luck would have it I happened to be flipping the channels on TV the other night since I couldn't sleep. Since St. Patrick's Day was around the corner there were a few Irish inspired films on the channel. When I came upon the movie Ondine it was just the trigger that did it. I've referred to the trickster as Colin Farrell's doppelganger but hadn't seen a film by the actor since he starred in Alexander. That cinematic reminder of what the trickster looked like was enough to have me crying.

Side note: I wonder if it really was the image of the actor that did it of whether my sadness was simply ready to release. Unfortunatley, I couldn't find a Michael Fassbender film to switch to watch. Then again, Fassbender may be the hottest Irish man on St. Patrick's Day but he's half German so I guess the network programmers just couldn't schedule Centurion at the same time to rescue me from having my moment. I'll take the half-Irish guy (Fassbender) over the Irish guy (Farrell) any day. That or a glass of Heinekin with the man from Killarney while we both enjoy a Dunhill cigarette. At least I know I am Michael Fassbender's type: exotic. Doppelganger asking me out in the first place was an anomaly from the get-go since he only likes the Kate Upton or Lauren Conrad look.

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So, how did Heather get me to feel beyond the heartbreak so it could start to heal? How did she guide me towards a response to his behavior that would lead to indifference? Her words and through BodyTalk. I always look for an excuse to visit Portland any day.

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Here is what she said:

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