Healing Heather: A Remedy for Heartbreak


Healing Heather: A Remedy for Heartbreak
Was I tricked? If so, it hurt. Thanks to some "Healing Heather" in Portland the healing began.

As my luck would have it I happened to be flipping the channels on TV the other night since I couldn't sleep. Since St. Patrick's Day was around the corner there were a few Irish inspired films on the channel. When I came upon the movie Ondine it was just the trigger that did it. I've referred to the trickster as Colin Farrell's doppelganger but hadn't seen a film by the actor since he starred in Alexander. That cinematic reminder of what the trickster looked like was enough to have me crying.

Side note: I wonder if it really was the image of the actor that did it of whether my sadness was simply ready to release. Unfortunatley, I couldn't find a Michael Fassbender film to switch to watch. Then again, Fassbender may be the hottest Irish man on St. Patrick's Day but he's half German so I guess the network programmers just couldn't schedule Centurion at the same time to rescue me from having my moment. I'll take the half-Irish guy (Fassbender) over the Irish guy (Farrell) any day. That or a glass of Heinekin with the man from Killarney while we both enjoy a Dunhill cigarette. At least I know I am Michael Fassbender's type: exotic. Doppelganger asking me out in the first place was an anomaly from the get-go since he only likes the Kate Upton or Lauren Conrad look.


So, how did Heather get me to feel beyond the heartbreak so it could start to heal? How did she guide me towards a response to his behavior that would lead to indifference? Her words and through BodyTalk. I always look for an excuse to visit Portland any day.

Here is what she said:

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