Does Your Identity Include Love?


Does Your Identity Include Love?
Heather Strang's book The Quest is Sex and the City meets vision and synchronicity. Fiction = life.

My question to myself right now is: Who would that "perfectly imperfect" person be?? Sherlock Holmes -- where are you?? I pose this mystery to my inner detective because when I, in a knee jerk reaction said no to a friendship with Colin doppelganger, another friend said this about my reaction: 

I feel he is good for you. Let it be a friendship. See how long you can remain a friend without making demands of hiim. Sounds like the beginning of a long term relationship and you sense that but are fearful. Hang in there, take it day by day, something really good may come of this! Friendships build a stong foundation for long term relationships is what I meant.


My reaction? You guessed it. Terrified that my friend was actually right.

P.S. Ironically, the day after I published this post, I got a text message from a guy named Nick in San Diego. Nick is the Drew Brees look-a-like from Chula Vista that picked me up on Meetup when he saw my picture. Believing this article was about him after he read this post and another one titled "The Last One" ... Nick thought I was writing about him! No, nein, non. (English, German, and French)

Newsflash: There is only man who was able to open my heart after it felt frozen for years in the Canadian Arctic. He's Colin Farrell's doppelganger. So ... Bye bye bye Brees stand in. He, not you, was the last one.

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